Friday, July 29th, 2005


So I left my cell phone at home yet again… that is, I also forgot it yesterday. So now, I can’t leave messages to call me back cause I know I’ll be out of here some time this morning and it would be wrong of me to leave a message when I’m not sure I’ll be here to get the call right? Been there done that with the last doctor. So now I just wait, maybe someone will call me back at some point. Also, why is it that… damn… why is it that I forget things so quickly? Totally ridiculous. Ok- so I finished 3 aprons before I ran out of fabric, hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to get some pictures. Maybe I’ll remember what it is I wanted to rant about later. One last thing, I was reading the coki… man I looked away for a minute and now I can’t remember what the hell I was reading… ah fugedaboudit

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