Friday, October 7th, 2005

Like a Pheonix Rising From the Ashes

Here I am, back after muddling through health issues, going back to school, and losing our kitty. So, my new thing in the kitchen is something for nothing. I looked in the fridge for dinner last night, having forgotten to take anything out to defrost and being ravenously hungry, to find one green pepper, 5 or 6 mushrooms, half a red onion, some jalapenos, and an avocado. A little more digging produced two flour tortillas and two strips of bacon.

I ‘m sure you see where I’m going… we had yummy quesedillas. I diced and cooked up the bacon, removing the really fatty parts til it was almost crisp then used some paper towel to absorb most of the excess grease. I tossed in the onions, peppers, and when they were done the mushrooms with two heaping teaspoons of cumin and some salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, while the filling was finishing, I mashed up the avocado with a big blob of sour cream and some salt as our topping and fished around in the fridge for some cheese.

When the filling was done i filled the tortillas with the cheese and stuff and just browned them in a dry pan til the cheese was melted, cut each one in half and topped with a dollop of the avocado cream stuff. It was really satisfying.

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