Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

1000 Reasons Why This Will Never Work

It perplexes me why even when all the research points the other way, law makers continue to act in a contrary fashion. Is it because implementing the correct policies to address the issues plaguing are educational systems is too costly? How can applying bandaid after bandaid of a solution to the problem save ANY money??

Forcing 14 year old students to choose a major will not help them to see how what they’re learning is any more relevant. Only adapting the curriculum to be student-centered and using real world application of what is being taught will help students to see how the material is relevant. That means adapting curriculum… not forcing students to choose a major. Forcing students to choose a major without further modification of the curriculum will leave you, you guessed it… back at square goddamn 1.

This is not to say that there is no place for vo-tech or magnet schools that have a concentration in any specific area, there is an established place for these within a larger system. What Jeb Bush is proposing is simply an inappropriate application of something that has worked well for a discreet population because they at that tender age have an interest that can be developped not all students have such a focus and need further exposure and guidance to find their niche.

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