Saturday, October 14th, 2006

Update… sorta

Well you all know I like to try to keep this current but not a whole lot has happened over the last week or so. I had my 27 week checkup on Wednesday the baby is doing great… me not so much, but nothing maor to complain about as I feel great. I’ll see her again in 4 weeks and then after that I’ll start with my two week appointments. Can you believe it’s been 28 weeks already?

So far, not a single person has ever tried to touch my belly. That was the first thing people warned me of… the second being unwanted advice from strangers. So far so good but I fear I am becoming unaproachable.

We’re starting to get a little nervous because we haven’t dont any work in the baby’s room and it doesn’t look like anything will be happening any time soon. It’s starting to look like we may not have time to get things done until December when finals are over and I stop working. I’d rather not cut it so close but looks like there’s really no other way. I can’t believe how quickly and then again how slowly time is passing.

We took baby to her first concernt last night to see James Blunt. It was a good show but what a strange little elfin man. Because Merriweather is an outdoor venue and I decided I was too hungry and tired to deal with our general admission seats we upgraded and got really good seats really close to the stage and the guy at the box office kicked in some VIP passes so we could use the good bathrooms to boot. It was worth every penny to not have to wait in line for bathrooms. I don’t know if I can go back to waiting in line with the huddled masses I wish I’d never tasted luxury :)

That’s all I can think of for now…

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