Monday, October 23rd, 2006

I’ve Taught Him Well

So we go to Whole Foods for lunch and while Erin is standing in the sandwhich line I go cruise the cheese. Lo and behold they are carrying cheese curds, I could hardly believe my eyes. So I get back to work and call Ben and share the great news. They weren’t cheap but considering that I was on the verge of having some shipped in from Wisconsin, not a bad deal.

I tell him that we were eating them in the car… he’s like what by themselves? No poutine? I’m like well no we were in the car. So he demands to know why I had no contingency plan in place in the event that I came accross some cheese curds on my lunch break. I still didn’t get it. He was like listen, it’s simple. First you do to McDonalds for the fries, then swing by KFC for some brown gravy that should work in a pinch. Voila, poutine on the fly! I really had no response, I was really quite astounded because I think that plan might have actually worked.

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