Saturday, November 18th, 2006

I Love it Better Than I Ever Imagined

Well the crib finally came and Ben finally put it together for me. I love it, it’s awesome. I just spent the last hour putting sheets and crap on it. So now all that’s left to do is to put something on the walls.

I brought home the highchair from work today too. I didn’t manage to get all the wrapping off but I love it too. You can’t really tell when you’re in the room that all the woods are a little different. I’m surprised how obvious it is in the picture. Oh well.
Here’s one last pic of the art projects I’ve been working on. The hooks have baby and chase spelled out on them in little alphabet blocks.
I have to say I’m really pleased with the outcome. We ok Ben worked really hard tonight he put together the furniture and replaced the light fixture in the bathroom and put up the mirror and hung those hooks and put the transom hardware back up. I don’t know where he caught his second wind but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth right??

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