Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

I Survived Tuesday

One down, two to go. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I still could have stood to be a little more prepared but I’m generally satisfied with how the exam went.

On the other hand, I am less than satisfied with our childbirth class. I am more nervous now than I was before going. The crazy l & d nurse that teaches the class “especially”for the quasi practice group kept going on and on about how much they love pitocin at that hospital. Then she asked how many people were planning to get epidurals and clearly everyone who had been thinking about not getting it was now terrified and too afraid of her to say anything. Basically, I could have learned everything she went over tonight with the exception of how much GBMC loves pitocin from a video… oh that’s right, because we watched a video. Seriously, I paid to watch pregnancy for dummies, which incidentally is showing the part about the second trimester on DHC tonight. Interestingly, the couple that moved into the house across the street where the people that referred us to our doctor used to live are also in the class. She’s due in February apparently, I’m not really sure how I missed that but Ben knew. So there are sure to be enough babies on this block to have our own whatchamacallit… playgroup or whatever.

At any rate, I’m still looking forward to my appointment on Monday and meanwhile will try not to totally fall apart. I’m so crazy tired.

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