Thursday, December 7th, 2006

Thursday Never Looking Back

So I’m waiting ever so patiently for the day of my appointment only to get a call saying that the doctor has been called into a “procedure” and that I’ll have to be rescheduled. The next available appointment isn’t until next Friday! So much for two week appointments. So I complained about it to anyone who would listen. My sister aptly pointed out that I was getting all bent out of shape over a 10 minute appointment where the doctor would weigh me and take my bp which is true… but I like hearing the heart beat and now I have to wait more than a week for another chance! The good news is everything seems fine and baby is as squirmy as ever. So it’s like 7:45 now and I’ve finally come to grips with the missed appointment. I studied for a while at Barnes and Noble and got a lot more done than I would have at home. Now to push through the rest of the material.

Aside from getting a lot accomplished, being out made me feel a little more Christmassy so I think we will put the tree up which is something that I had vetoed as recently as last week. I figured out what to get Ben for Christmas. I’ve given up on getting him things that he truly finds exciting and surprising cause they’re just to dang expensive (that’s right, you’re not getting a plasma screen tv) it’s impossible to keep up. So acknowledging my limitations I have come up with a modest themed gift with a couple of different components.

Let’s see my light at the end of the tunnel for tonight: the office! I swear if it’s a repeat someone at NBC is going to get an earful! I broke down and ordered chinese for dinner. We’ve been pretty good though well I have anyway with the exception of coffee. I’ll cook again tomorrow, no that’s a lie cause my exam is from 6-9 have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? People will be asleep in the class. I guess it’s technically an evening class but do you really have an exam from 6-9 for a class that’s usually from 4:45 til 6:00?? Good grief.

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