Monday, December 11th, 2006

Thank You Dr. Oetker!

So I’m picking up a few things at Giant today and what do I spot in the baking aisle but lemon meringue pie mix. Now, I know I claim to be a food purist and all but there’s plenty of room in my life for the comfort foods of my youth including kraft dinner and Shirriff lemon meringue pie. The box is a different color and the label says Dr. Oetker but I think it’s funny that it advertises from the makers of Shirriff as if that means anything to people that shop at Giant. Dr. Oetker is that same kind Dr. that brings me vanilla sugar for dusting my vanille kepferls. :)

So like I love this neighborhood and I loooove that we have two groceries and a market to choose from but that makes it really hard to choose where to shop. I went to Giant today because I was at the Barnes and Noble studying and was already up that way. I can’t decide which one I like better. On one hand, Giant has the pie mix, the kind of cream cheese and yogurt that I like among other things. On the other hand, Safeway’s produce is better and they have nestle mini morsels. Giant has this new line of products and the packaging is so nice that it made me want to eat the spaghetti sauce right there in the aisle.
I also learned that there is a Chipotle across from the bookstore the other day and today I saw that they’re putting in a Starbucks next to that. That makes me a little worried since Donna’s was the only place to get coffee before but I guess I’m ok with it since the starbucks in the barnes and noble totally sucks and donnas isn’t really a place where you can go and sit and study. I’d rather stick with Donna’s just for lunch/dinner. Well maybe just dinner and chipotle for lunch.

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