Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Neuroses Galore Goes Big Time

Seems like I should have something big to write about but this is just meant to be a bigger better Blogger free version of what I was doing before. So I’ll start at the beginning. Baby girl has continued to sleep for a good long stretch every night. She’s sleeping from about 8 when I start getting her ready for bed until sometime between 3 and 5am. I’m very happy about having some time to myself in the evening again even if I have laundry and crap to do.

The house next door is on the market after a long renovation process. One day when the contractors were over there one of us asked how it looked inside. I was shocked by the response which was “Ok…” I wondered how it could just look ok in there after such a long time. Well they had an open house today and by God what a piece of crap. I can’t emphasize piece of crap enough I was astounded. They zoned the a/c which is brilliant… except they put the upstairs unit in the closet of the master bedroom. I can only imagine how loud that is. They also put in a half bath on the first level like we have except that it’s actually IN the kitchen. You could probably hit the stove with a broom if you were sitting on the toilet. Not to mention that the kitchen has nothing new. Crappy cabinets and laminate counter top and old appliances. Which would be fine except she’s asking 15 grand more than we paid for this place with all new appliances and with the layout modified in what I now know is the best way possible to maximize space and appearance. Let’s see what else did she do wrong… she put crappy flooring in on the first level that doesn’t mesh with the original floors upstairs. Oh, and there’s no tub in the upstairs bath just a shower stall. I was so disappointed and I’m not even in the market. She said that the people across the street are under contract as of today and I’m sure she’s really looking forward to the same but I don’t think it will sell at the price she’s asking. After I’m done here I’m going to go online and look at some of the comps. We’re sort of surprised.. happily that is, that houses are still selling so well.

We went to the park today and Teenie made a friend. She met another chihuahua named What. Meet What (click him to make him bigger).

After warming up to each other for a while they finally decided to play… the way chihuahuas will. Cricket had a good time too, in fact she thought she saw Danielle at the park. Funniest thing ever!

All in all, it was a great day. I’m so loving this weather!

teenie plays What Cricket sees Dan img_2364.jpg

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