Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Spring Is Here

I’m outraged!  I bypassed Starbu on our daily walk this morning since it was so nice out and made my way over to Cosi.  I ordered my mango mania and was astounded to when the cashier asked for $4.19 for a grande!  I am no stranger to paying for coffee or coffee house type drinks but $4.19 struck me as slightly outrageous.  Although, it was as tasty as ever.

I spent the rest of the walk trying to capture the best embodiment of spring with my digital camera.  It’s not as easy as it sounds but I think I got a couple of good shots.  Why was I doing this you ask?  Well for more info shoot me an email and I will fill you in on Danielle’s most recent brilliant and fun idea.  I would post what I’ve been working on but I don’t want to give anyone a leg up on my work I don’t want anyone stealing my ideas you know.  Especially not when there’s a prize at stake.  I thought about going down to the sculpture garden but I couldn’t think of any way to get down there than to go down all the stairs so I nixed that idea.  Maybe another day.

I ran into our across the street neighbors as I was leaving and for one last time extended an invite to our mommies’ group.  Of course my mommy brain forgot to mention that we’re getting together for lunch tomorrow but you know whatever.  Maybe I’ll run into one of them again.  I asked how she was doing and he said that she was ok, recovering slowly because she has an emergency c-section.  I sympathized and he offered up that she was currently suffering from mastitis.  I was like oh, that’s too bad… and thought it was something of a strange thing to offer up from across the street but whatever.

Anyway, I have class this aft and should really pay attention.  He told use two weeks ago though that the exam will be completely multiple choice.  I haven’t decided whether or not that’s good news yet.

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