Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Wednesday Already


I had lunch with the mommies today. The place was great. I can’t remember if I posted about it before… Chocolatea… a clever name for a cafe that serves chocolates and teas primarily but coffee of course and sandwiches too. I think that we will definitely be back to this place. The atmosphere was better than both Cosi and One World AND they have chocolate truffles… excellent. The picture in the middle is me holding Chase and Elsa at Angie’s house. I swing by there to pick her up on the way and while she got the stroller ready I had to entertain the babes. How the hell do you do it with twins?

We had Long Fence come out and give us an estimate on a new fence. That stupid cow that owns the house next door totally balked at the price and made me want to punch her in her stupid face. I can’t explain what exactly it was that she said that outraged me but something about her I just find so irritating. Anyway, needless to say she’s not going half on this fence with us so now we’re kind of torn over whether to just go ahead and do ours or to wait and see if the new owners will want to go half. Sigh, so many possibilities.

The new Crate and Barrel catalog came today. I leafed through it but I’m afraid to look too hard. I think I’m ready though to start furnishing this joint. Most of you know I was undecided about whether to start in the living room or the master bedroom but I’ve pretty much decided that I can’t look at that furniture up there for one more day without going completely insane. So starting upstairs it is.

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