Friday, March 30th, 2007

The Old Bait N’ Switch

I fell for it again. Salesladies love to see people like me coming, they prey on the vain and the weak. I went in for cleanser and eye cream and came out with a sack full of products to keep the nearly thirty set from sagging and wrinkling too much. Some time ago I heard a segment on the radio about Clinique products and how they were originally marketed to the pre-twenty set for use before graduating on to Estee Lauder. The report went on to say that in recent years women have been continuing to use Clinique’s products beyond their twenties and into their thirties. I was one of those women… until today. I asked for my products and she put them on the counter and kind of cocks her head to one side and looks at me and asks how old I am. So I tell her and she’s like hmm.. have you thought about upgrading to Clarins they have some really nice products and you are probably of an age to think about transitioning…. sigh. So I buy the Clarins eye cream and then think to ask her about a body firming lotion which of course is of no use unless you are properly exfoliated. On a positive note, I think she felt guilty for bilking me out of my life savings and gave me a bunch of stuff as a “gift.” If there are any takers on self tanning samples or heather moon lipstick let me know, they’re yours.

In the spirit of the season… and because they were on sale, I bought baby girl a bathing suit! They were so cute soooooo cute! I also got earrings cause i discovered that my fourth set of holes was still open and well, even though I have four sets of holes I only have one pair of studs. I’m not used to looking at all of this metal in my ear yet but I’ll give it a few days and see if it grows on me.

So today was exceptionally busy, there was Mother Goose on the Loose this morning at the library, then the mall, then a trip to home depot for fence stuff. Ben swears he can do it on his own. We shall see. We got back from home depot and I put baby Chase to bed and sent Ben out for Five Guys 15 minutes before closing. I thought that the only Five Guys was at the inner harbor but I discovered another one closer on my way back from the library today. :)

I can’t believe how much you all have been cooking! Now to get you to cook for me…

And now for the picture…
For my bathing beauty.


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