Monday, April 2nd, 2007

A Book Nook is Born

I finally put a coat of paint on my bookcase find, remember the one I’m talking about?

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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure right? So I adorned the shelves with the books we got and we already have a pretty nice collection including some awesome French books all the way from Belgium (thanks Andrea!) and a bunch of old faves from Ben’s mom (including The Paper Bag Princess!). The rest are from a lady up the street who gave us two boxes of picture books. I went through them and took some out that I didn’t like and you wouldn’t believe it but I found a copy of Big Joe’s Trailer Truck. I didn’t keep many books at our cottage when I was little but I had a few and Big Joe’s was one of them. (Dan, it would be like finding The Happy Lion in a box of books that someone gave you).  I loved looking at the end papers that had pictures of all the truck parts and their names. I loved looking at the dolly wheels and now Chase  will too. Now I want to do some pillows for lounging on the floor (just add it to the list).

Book Nook

Looking at the pic now I see that it’s not a very good illustration of how that’s a nook. I don’t feel like taking another photo so you’ll have to use your imagination. There’s a wall right behind the rocker that makes that area a little nook and around the corner is where the changing table is.

Now the question is what to do with the little table and chairs once I repaint them. What’s your opinion? There’s space on the wall opposite the book nook for them but the alternative is to put them in the movie room since it’s the only carpeted room and I was thinking it could double as a playroom.

It’s been so long since I’ve posted and I’ve been trying to keep a mental list of things to post and of course now I can’t remember all of them. I’ll be back when it comes to me.  And yes, I will eventually take the tag off the crib.

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