Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Anticipatory Perception of Coffee Aroma

So I’m inside my car in the line for the drive thru at Starbucks, I’m not even inside the store.  I get to the squawk box and roll down the window… the aroma of coffee floods my car and I’m perplexed.  Do I actually I smell coffee or is this just a case of being so close I can almost taste (or rather smell) it?  Once i have the coffee inside my car the smell is obviously stronger I just thought that was so weird.

Chase was 3 months old yesterday.  Can you believe that?!  She’s already so big, she’s wearing size 3 diapers!  This brand starts as 16 pounds, she’s probably somewhere in that neighborhood.  She was just a few ounces shy of 14 at her 2 month checkup.  When she wakes up from her nap I’m going to try her in her exersaucer and see how she likes that.

I finally managed to rip all of the cds i got to itunes and put them on the ipod.   I was hesitant to update the ipod in class but whatever it doesn’t make any noise right?  Lastly, and this is incredibly boring but I consider it something of a public service… bought 4, yes, 4 tubes of aquafresh extreme clean toothpaste at costco cause toothpaste never goes bad.. which is great in theory.  I’ll never buy an untried toothpaste like that again.  Talk about vile!  The toothpaste tastes like nyquil it’s revolting.  Every time I use it I suffer.  Don’t ever buy it… ever!

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