Monday, April 9th, 2007

I Had Not Come to Hollywood to Fight With a Man Dressed As Hitler.

I struggled between this as a title and just plain I heart Mark Wahlberg.  We watched a bunch of movies this weekend.  In a futile attempt to keep up with our netflix queue we finally watched Borat, Invincible, and the Departed.  They were all good.  Maybe someone who has seen the departed can answer this for me.  The guy at the end in the elevator who shot Leo… who was he?  Was the other SIU guy?  That was the only part I was a little lost on, so if there was a connection to be made back to some earlier scene… like how we were supposed to know he was connected to Jack Nicholson, I didn’t get it.

I think I posted earlier how Chase is in size three diapers… between the diapers the hospital sent us home with and all of the diapers we got at Thanksgiving this is really the first set of diapers that we bought ourselves.  How come it seems like you use so many more when they’re not free?  We’re burning through these ones at breakneck speed.

Today was a good day.  I have a busy night ahead of me though.  Since we watched all of those movies and then were out of town yesterday I’m still in paper hell.  Ever since Sarah coined that phrase it’s been plaguing me, mocking me even.  I truly am in paper hell.  I have 3 weeks to write and research this bad boy.  I managed to only read 2 paragraphs in the car yesterday.   Chase had at least one nap today I could have used to read but I frittered away that time doing something useless.  On a positive note, I did manage to make tasty enchiladas for dinner so I feel a small sense of accomplishment and that’s important :).

We went to Babies R Us today to buy a gift.  Of course the computers were down so they couldn’t track registry purchases so I went all the way out there for nothing.  I’ll have to go back again some time this week.  This could mean bad things for people’s registries they should have some kind of a back up plan.  Meanwhile, someone might buy what I wanted to buy and that’s just not right!

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