Monday, April 16th, 2007

I Can’t Stop, It’s Genetic

So I forgot to post about my most recent bargain hunting. A little backstory: We had this atomic clock that we bought at Costco. It was huge, had to be about 12 inches in diameter because Danielle always teases me that we don’t have enough clocks. Anyway, the clock dies suddenly and tragically before it’s time so we return it.


Of course now we’re addicted to having a giant clock around all the time so I had to replace it. I went to Target on Saturday and even though I wasn’t looking for a clock… I came across one.

So I get to the register and the lady is like oh, I bought this clock for mysef I love it. So I say yeah, it’s on sale now, it’s a good deal for the price… five dollars. She scans it and says oh, when you said it was on sale for five dollars I thought you were kidding. I lost my receipt or I would return it… shit, I could have had fifteen dollars back. Then she sends another girl off to get the last one for her so she could buy that one too but this time for her basement.

This little pup is named Pal. He was a gift from someone at the office. Today I noticed that Chase is trying to pull herself up when she sits in her bouncy seat or her swing and is arching her back when you hold her. She wasn’t doing that yesterday. It’s so amazing how quickly babies develop. I’m guessing she’ll roll over any day now.


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