Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Almost Enough to Make You Give It Up Forever

It’s my worst nightmare come true. I go to school, swing by the coffee bar and get myself a half-caf cause I’m bad and dead tired. I’m walking along swingin’ my bag and thinking up clever titles for a post working half-caf in there somewhere and generally feeling good. I get to class, get all set up and boom out of nowhere coffee all over the table top. I splashed my precious mac book! My life force, destroyed! Ok, well not destroyed but I fried the airport so I can’t use it at school anymore. I spent the whole morning at the Apple store pleading with them to fix it but ended up at a local place they recommended where I was informed by some arrogant SOB that it will take them a week to get it back to me just to diagnose the damn thing. Those bastards.

Now I’m back to using this hulking dinosaur of a Dell.  Not much else is going on here. We just keep chugging along.

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