Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Summer Came Like Cinnamon, So Sweet



I can’t get enough of the weather.  Nothing can keep me inside writing this stinkin’ paper… nothing!  It’s been a busy-ish couple of days.  I have made some progress but haven’t come anywhere near to writing yet.  I’m such a pathetic excuse for a student.  I logged onto the Penn alumni networking site today and found a girl I graduated with and saw that she was recently published in some journal.  She conducted some study and was published!  A) that sent me into a tailspin of anxiety and self doubt AGAIN over leaving GW for UB.  I mean come on, honestly, I might as well have dropped out no?  I have to have faith that there was a reason I ended up at UB instead of at UM… it’s a much more highly regarded school.  Why am I such an idiot?  Anyway, I also realized that B) I love Chase but I’m not anywhere near ready to call it quits yet.  Not until I see my name in print or in bright lights or something.  I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I’m certainly not ready to get out of the game now.  Not that I want to make it to the top obviously, but to somewhere doing something AND I like helping people.

Yesterday I went to vital records and got a copy of Chase’s birth cert.  That was something of an ordeal.  Why did all of those people need copies of their birth certificates?  I thought that was a little weird.  Anyway, after that I stopped by whole foods again, but I was good.  I was thinking we weren’t going out for dinner so I’d bring home some nibbles and I had promised Ben a pint of Guinness.  When I say I was good I mean that everything I saw I was like yeah we have that so I ended up only buying some citrus for my sangria and some chevre.  We had a modified antipasto for dinner.  It was good, very satisfying but then again I’ve always loved the idea of making a meal out of appetizers.

I made a shrimp cocktail.  This is the second time I’ve used the recipe (I’ll post it on the recipes page just as soon as I figure out what the hell I’m doing) and it is so good and dead easy.  The recipe for the shrimp is hardly a recipe at all but the cocktail sauce is so good.  I don’t know what it is.  It tastes just like cocktail sauce only yummy.  Then I just had the goat cheese and toast rounds that I made from this roasted garlic bread we had bought from Costco (also delicious) and a few olives and some salami and sopresata.  Pair all that up with a salad and some sangria and dinner’s done.  Yeah, I used the box wine for the sangria and I’m so over using recipes that call for brandy I don’t believe that any bar/restaurant is serving it that way and that’s why it never tastes the same at home.  I just did the fruit, a couple of teaspoons of sugar, and club soda.

Dessert was simple, strawberries and dark chocolate.  Although, honestly desserts made without butter and flour just don’t seem to cut it for me and by 11 or so I was wondering if I was going to have to break down and make something else.

I worked on my paper a little and called it a night.  Chase had a better than usual night last night sleeping until 4 instead of 3 as she has been for the last little while.  I did have coffee with the girls late yesterday afternoon and everyone reports that they are having the same nighttime experience so I’m not worrying about it.  As soon as this f-ing paper is done I’ll get my ass to bed at a decent time instead of at 1.  I am operating on like no sleep and getting up in the morning is so hard.  I feel great the rest of the day but I could kill someone in the morning I just stagger around with my eyes half open.  I’m going to have to go back on the caffeine to make it through this… but I love it (and am almost done!).

Today Ben and Chase ran errands in the morning without me so I could get some more work done.  That was nice but I missed them (and Costco that godforsaken place).  We took the dogs to the park and got coffee before coming home to do some more work in the yard.  Ben is determined to get it looking nice enough to want to hang out in and apparently are neighbors are about to do the same.  Dinner tonight was pretty much a non-dinner although I did make guac, but tomorrow I’ll make the strip steaks that Ben brought home today.  I want to try this recipe I had for roasted smashed red potatoes if I can find it.

So that’s it.  Agonizing about work, school, and how messy the house is.  How much progress will I make toward resolving any of these issues?  Me?  Ha!  Well whatever, I’m working on it.  Meanwhile, enjoy these pics.  The one of the box I couldn’t help but take.  We passed this house on the way to the park and I couldn’t help but think how frickin’ ridiculous the mailman is to think that the box is hidden.  It’s like when the cats hide with their tails sticking out but think you can’t see them cause they can’t see you.



Do you like how they coordinate their outfits?

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