Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

It’s Late I know

But whatever, I could be working but I’ll get around to it. We did the steaks today but instead of the roasted smashed potatoes I did a roasted potato salad (look under recipes and cooking for the recipe itself). Ben took Chase this morning so I slept until after 10. That’s like unheard of and it felt so good. It was too good to be true though because since I was too lazy to drag my butt out of bed, Chase missed her 10 o’clock nap and was hella cranky as a result. I ended up putting her in her stroller and walking up to Starbucks to calm her down. That worked and she took a nice long nap. Then we went over the the Barnes and Noble. You know, I waited so long for the store to open but it’s a sad and sorry excuse for a B and N if you ask me. Ben wanted me to find a Quickbooks reference guide so I go and look and I end up calling because I’m pretty sure he didn’t just buy Quickbooks 2006 but I want to be sure. They’re stock is all outdated and yeah I’m sure there aren’t many students that was Quickbooks reference guides but where’s your pride?!

So later we went to the B and N in Towson and found what he was looking for. I broke down and bought that new MS huge monster sized homekeeping book. I took it out from the library and it’s such an awesome reference book for everything relating to the home that I coulnd’t help it. And yes, the info is probably all over the internet but it’s nice to have it in one place. Some school was doing a fund-raiser there so a portion of every purchase went toward new computers for them and in return they were singing or whatever. It was cute, those poor awkward children sang their little hearts out and Chase enjoyed their rendition of Under the Sea.

When we got home I finally got around to planting the perennials we picked up in the little front garden. So I’m out there raking and digging or whatever and I hear a car creeping along. So I finally turn around and see it’s a cop car. The dude has the window down and waves and says hello. So I say hello and he drives off. I’m wondering to myself.. is he thinking that I’m breaking in to the basement window in broad daylight or is he checking out my ass? So I’m working and pondering this to pass the time cause I’m by myself and no one is around the whole block is dead. My question is answered when I hear someone asking me do you need some help? I turn around thinking it’s the crazy old dude across the street with the huge pink roses who’s always chatting me up but no, the cop circled the block and he’s coming back down the other side. So I laugh and smile and turn him down but now I’m wondering what the hell was he planning to do if I took him up on it. But guys are always good for a laugh in that department… who does that routine? Seinfeld? Where the best thing they can come up with is honking? I wonder if I can find that on youtube….

Oh, and check it out, that’s a real live picture for the potato salad.

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