Thursday, April 26th, 2007

On Cooking & Maryland

But not together… that would be a post about John Shields and since I still haven’t been to Gertrude’s I’ll have to post about that another time.  There’s so much to tell from today and yesterday.  I hope I can get it all down before I forget.

First, the queen of England and Duke of Edinburgh are coming to Greenbelt!  Yes, folks you heard right, Greenbelt!  Ok, really the NASA Goddard Space Center but same dif right?  This is awesome for a number of reasons. 1) Because if they get hungry they can get beef patties from that Caribbean place in Beltway Plaza 2) what can you come up with?

Second, I get in the car today  and isn’t t great when the stars seemed to be aligned in your favor?  Bea Arthur is the guest on Fresh Air because the first season of Maude was released today on DVD.  Did you know that she grew up on the Eastern Shore?  Listen to the interview.

In other news, I’ve been cooking.  I had some boneless skinless chicken breast so I did two recipes using that.  I have a great looking stainless steel crockpot but rarely use it because I don’t really have any good crockpot recipes.  This one was a white chicken chili from cooking light.  I have to say that it was pretty good.  I would definitely make it again but this time would ratchet up the spice quotient a bit.  I was a little concerned going into it because it was made with breast meat and I thought that it might get dry and tough.  It turned out though that the chicken was just the opposite and stayed moist and tender.  The chili itself must be fat free because the chicken isn’t browned and the base is just stock thickened with flour.  All the fat came from the sour cream and cheese I topped it with.  Definitely a keeper.

Tonight I made the chicken francese that Erin gave me the recipe for.  It was also really good.  I served it with yet more broccoli sauteed with garlic and crushed red pepper and spaghetti.  The only thing I would change about this recipe is that it doesn’t have you season with salt and pepper at any point which you absolutely must do.  The lemon flavor was subtle and delicious.  We will also be making this again because it was fast and easy and a good way to make those bland chicken breasts tasty.

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