Monday, April 30th, 2007

I Call This One…

Chillin with the evoo… and the Dayquil… and the.. sigh, I’ll get to it one of these days.


So anyway, I went to to work today.  It went pretty well and there was only minimal traffic and that’s always good.  We had crappy burritos for dinner tonight.  (That’s code for leftovers).  But last night I made a baked orzo from a Sarah Moulton recipe.  It wasn’t bad but I was expecting something different.  I forgot to take pics but honestly it wasn’t much to look at.

I have class tomorrow.  I think it’s the last day finally.  But whatever, cause summer session starts pretty much right away.  I would love to write about something funny that happened today like the time I saw that guy slip on a banana peel but not one single funny thing happened all day.  As hard as that is to believe it’s true.  I’ll  be on the lookout tomorrow for something comical.

I called my grandmother today… I haven’t called her in ages and I guess I was afraid.  Her memory’s going and I’m afraid that she won’t remember me or worse yet that she’s ill or something so I put off calling.  Well, I did it, and no one answered now I’m even more worried.  But I’d like to think that someone would have called me if something was wrong.  You know I didn’t just pull the title neuroses galore out of the air, right?

I am so ready for my last year of law school.

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