Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

The Free Olive’s the Sweetest

Years ago, when we were younger and had more energy, on Fridays me and Dan would strap on our backpacks (who am I kidding, she’d strap on her giant backpack) and we’d set out to take on the town. These outings were almost always free or close to it. Oftentimes, we were armed with coupons for free panties from Victoria’s secret or whatever. So we’d claim our panties, head over to the Williams Sonoma to sample the coffee pods and then loop back around through Borders to read the magazines for free.

These days, I’m getting coupons for free onesies but no matter, I went to claim it anyway. It has this really cute embroidery of various mollusks on it and retails for$18.00. Even I won’t pay eighteen bucks for a onesie. I don’t care how cute it is.

We left Talbots and headed over to whole foods cause we have like 10 pounds of romaine and not a thing else to put in a salad. So, I’m on the lookout for funny things that happen during the day. I didn’t get anything worth writing about but I did have a curious experience at the cash register. The guy puts my olives on the scale and they ring up 25 bucks. Now, I don’t know what 25 bucks worth of olives look like but I’m thinking it’s probably more than I’ve got in that little container. So he can’t figure it out he calls his manager to help who tells him that it’s because his keypad is resting on the scale. Ah, makes sense… it takes him another 5 minutes to adjust it then he realizes that he needs the manager to come back to void out the first price.. but only after he’s rang it in again. She come back and voids out the last sale, but leaves the 25 bucks on. He points this out and she takes the first charge off also. You still with me? At this point, I now have a negative balance of 1.80 but they are so confused she just leaves it and tells him to give me the olives. To make a long story short, all of my olives and cheeses only ran me 19.95. And that’s why the free olive’s the sweetest.

Chase is so close to rolling over. She props her little self up on her arms and tilts to one side but hasn’t quite gone far enough to tip all the way over but any day now. She has a checkup on Thursdy I can’t wait to find out how much she is weighing these days.

Still no computer but I hope to have it in the next day or so. My bench should come tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait to put stuff away in it. You have no idea how badly we needed it. Well, I suppose some of you do.


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