Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

The Pictures Don’t Do It Justice :)

I’m just loving this thing.

Yes, ladies and gents… she’s back!  I picked up my computer today.  It’s like learning to walk.  I have to relearn the keyboard but am ever so happy just the same.

I got some new music that I have to get onto the ipod so I can actually listen to it.  I heard Brett Dennen on the radio yesterday and thought it sounded pretty good.  I’m curious to hear what the rest of the cd sounds like.  There’s a new Akon song on the radio too.  Sounds very Bob Marley like or maybe just more like Bob Marley than I thought it would.  I never pegged him as having a propensity for reggae.  Sarah, when people use the word propensity, do you immediately get a visual of McKinley and think “leaning towards?”  Cause I do and it’s a little weird… but a testament to mnemonic devices I suppose.

As you can see, my bench came.  It’s awesome I love it.  Ben acts so aloof but I know he loves it too.  Way down deep inside but social conventions don’t allow him to show it.

Not a whole lot else happened today.  Tomorrow Ms. C has her four month appointment.  More shots… can’t wait for that.  She’s so sweet.  I took her to work today and the cleaning ladies almost had a stroke over her.  Meanwhile one of the ladies asks the one that speaks the best English if the father’s a gringo.  Ben demanded to know if I defended him but I kept my mouth shut.  You guys have seen the Korean nail place episode of Seinfeld right?

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