Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Woo Hoo It’s Almost the Weekend!

There’s an extra long Office tonight, weee can’t wait, I’ve only got half an hour to post.  This morning was Chase’s four month visit.  She is weighing 18lbs 11oz!  That’s up from 13lbs 13 oz  two months ago.  Can you believe that?!  She’s measuring at 25.75″ up from 23″.  She was such a trooper she cried for a minute but stopped as soon as the nurse took the needle out.  I gave her tylenol before we left the office and she crashed for an extra long morning nap.  When she woke up she was fine.  Much better than the last time.  It really didn’t seem to affect her at all.  He told me to wait to give her solids and not to stress about her waking up at night so I guess that’s it for now.  He’ll see her back in two months, until then we’re just steady as she goes.

I made a recipe from Fine Cooking’s March 2007 issue.  It was pretty good.  Warm french lentil salad with smoked sausage.  Again, I thought that the flavor could have been a little more intense on the lentil side.  The sausage was uber smoky and I don’t think that the lentils could really compete.  I was probably most disappointed because I had read someone else’s opinion of the walnut oil that I had originally bought to make this saying that it was flat and flavorless.  So I went out and bought a roasted walnut oil because the flavor is supposed to be more intense.  10 bucks later, the smell from the can was out of this world but it really didn’t translate to the vinaigrette.  Next time, I would maybe use all walnut oil and omit the evoo.  You can see the link posted on the recipes page.  It takes you to some other jerko’s blog.  I wouldn’t put too much faith in what he has to say about it, he used the wrong kind of lentils.  Anyway, I didn’t feel like retyping and reposting the recipe for nothing. I’m updating the ipod and out of usb ports so I’ll have to upload a pic later.  I served it alongside a salad and goat cheese toasts.  The toasts were the best part IMO.

I also put up the orzo recipe.  Ben has been eating the leftovers for lunch which is really, really rare considering that there are bagels in the kitchen so I’m thinking it was better than I thought.  I know it’s cheating to use their picture but I didn’t take one.  I’ll have to try and get one tomorrow when he heats it up.  That about wraps it up for today.  Here’s hoping that the office makes me almost pee my pants as usual.

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