Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Three Dollar Chicken a Cautionary Tale

Hi, I’m back! I was wasting time mucking about on Facebook. I tried to get into myspace but it’s just not my scene. The cool thing about Facebook is that word of mouth is spreading between Hudsonites and Ex-Hudsonites alike and I’ve been reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in many many years.

About the nannies. I just think that it’s a better route than daycare. School is only 5 minutes away and there are no daycare options between here and there. At any rate, Ben is home and I’ll be in and out over the course of the day so it just seems to make more sense for her to be somewhere one of us can keep and eye on her. Don’t worry I’ll make sure she’s adequately unnatractive.

Ok, so the three dollar chicken. It’s not what you’re thinking I didn’t buy cheap chicken and get sick. Au contraire, I bought one single chicken thigh at Whole Foods. The moral of the story is fried chicken is only meant to be bought by the bucket. A single chicken thigh… 3 dollars! You could buy a whole chicken for that amount!

And I never told you about how Ben had to extricate a poor fat kid from a swing at the park. It took two grown men! And the worst part was that the two women that had brought him there couldn’t lift him out. No, the worst part was that they put him in the baby swing when he was clearly too big. Poor baby is probably scarred for life.

See you tomorrow.

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