Saturday, May 19th, 2007

I Don’t Really Like Cake, But I’d Finish Some For Money

Oh, you mean the job duties don’t actually require you to “finish” cake… how disapointing. Need more back story? Danielle saw a sign posted at the Pink Rose bakery for a cake finisher. My first reaction was wow, that’s a paying job? Where do I sign up. My second reaction, damn it’s not a paying job.

So, this morning I slept in! So nice! We were indecisive about how to spend the day so we took an impromptu detour on the way to Costco. We went out to Annapolis and had lunch at McGarveys which was delicious as usual. We were there early so it wasn’t too crowded. We kept Chase entertained with her plastic keys but only after she tired of watching the ceiling fans. I thought they didn’t start doing things like throwing their toys on the floor for many more months. I swear to you this kid was driving her father mad by flinging them just beyond his reach every time I retrieved them for her. Chase got a cool new hat. It was in a five dollar bin but when we got to the register she rang up 13 and some change so I told her where i found it. She goes back and checks and was like yeah I don’t think they’re supposed to be in there. The hook where they were hanging before is missing but they’re all in there now so I’m going to give it to you. Then she says, and frankly, it’s not my problem. I think that was the first time that I’ve ever heard a salesperson say that. Usually they’ll fight you on any potential savings. Especially at the big boxes but not this chick. The bottom line is Chase has a cool new sun hat to wear with her cool new denim stuff.

We left there and went to Costco. We’re still diaper experimenting. I won’t be buying Kirkland brand anymore. I think that they’re predisposed to leaks and I’m very disapointed. Usually the qulatiy of their house products is very good. Earlier this week I bought a pack of Luvs and they seem to be working fine but there’s this psychological thing about needing to buy from Costco. Ben and I were trying to figure it out. It’s a circular thing. You pay for membership… and membership has it’s rewards… so you get the membership to shop but you keep shoping because you bought the membership. It’s like a cult and now that I’ve figured them out you’ll probably not be hearing from me again. There will be a van outsied waiting to take me to their Kirkland immersion camp. I heard something about the branch davidians on the radio the other day too. Bring on the Kool-aid.

That’s the gist of the day. We saw a dude riding one of those big luxury motorcycles and I’m looking and looking and finally I’m like Ben, is that an air vent there above his knee? So Ben looks and is like hmm, yeah that’s what it looks like. So we think about it and I’m like well maybe it blows out hot air? Ben looks at me and is like um, if you need hot air blown on you… you need to buy a car. It seemed to funny at the time.

I guess that about wraps it up. Tomorrow we’ll go looking for furniture. It’s fun in theory but I’m thinking it’s going to be a long draining process. At least all the stores are in the same place. I’m hoping for Memorial day special type financing dea s.



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