Monday, May 21st, 2007

Tumor Free in ‘0… dang

So my doc says I’m still looking good. It doesn’t look like the tumor has changed at all this is good news for obvious reasons. As always they took good care of me at the hospital. UMMC is just the nicest building and it’s funny. Even though I had a really traumatic surgical event there I’ve never felt weird going back for follow ups. On the other hand, being back at GBMC where I delivered has me shaking in my boots. Isn’t that weird? Anyway check the photos below… I took a shot of my chart. There are probably only a couple of you out there that have that beat!

Chase had a busy day at the hospital. I’m going to put it on a contin uous loop…. 41/2 months, 8lbs 3.6oz, 18lbs 11oz, thank you, yes, she’s always happy, thank you, yes she looks like her dad, thank you, have a good day. Not that I don’t love hearing how cute she is… and she obviously can’t get enough of it either. She hams it up like you wouldn’t believe, smiling like crazy for all the old ladies while they die over here. That was the wrong word… I just meant, figuratively not literally. My punctuation is lousy, I apologize.

I’m going to put up the recipe for chocolate chip cookies that we did yesterday. They were very good. I like my childhood recipe but it’s really ot a pure chocolate chip cookie recipe and doesn’t make Ben happy. This one seems to fit the bill although I didn’t notice if he had any today. The problem with desserts is that they’re all so good. I manage to exercise some self restraint and choose to have only one each night but there’s hardly enough time between cookies and mocha chip hagendaas, sigh. It was easier when I didn’t have a favorite ice cream.

I was craving bbq chicken earlier. That is, chicken adorned with bbq sauce as opposed to done on the grill. It wasn’t the chargrilled taste I was craving but rather the sauce. I turned up some chicken wings in the freezer and did them up under the broiler the same way as the teriyaki wings and just changed up the sauce. They really hit the spot along with some mini corn muffins. Ever since I bought those stupid mini muffin pans I don’t want to use the regular sized ones anymore. Everything is tastier mini.

How’s progress on the photo scavenger hunt? I want updates people! Time’s a wastin’.

Lastly, there’s a picture of the couch we’re looking at. I value your opinions… what do you think? We were going to choose a different color for the upholstery.




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