Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Books Books Books

I finally got around to finding them…. digging them out that is. Now I’ll finally get to finish reading East of Eden. I almost just went and bought a new copy but figured that being too lazy to go and find the one you already have was a pretty bad reason. I found some more of the books I had been stockpiling for Chase as well. We read Babar in space.. not sure that’s the title it was something like that. It’s a pop up but it looks like I didn’t care for it as well as I thought I had. She thought it was pretty cool when I turned the page and a rocket exploded from the center of the book and she likes it when I read in French.

Tonight I am exceedingly tired even though I felt good for most of the day. Too tired to upload photos even. Maybe it has something to do with all the pasta and bacon I had for dinner. We did the carbonara again. I think this will become one of our staples for weeknight dinners. It is just undeniably quick and easy.

I’ve been seeing the ads on TV for the movie Bug. It got a really good review today on NPR. Anyone planning to see it? Ben says it’s too scary for us but I’ve been known to like a scary movie now and then. I think someone should see it and then tell me if it is indeed too scary for me. I need someone to test the waters, a stunt critic as it were. Anyone game?

Ok, off to bed with me. It’s nose to the grindstone again tomorrow :).

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