Friday, May 25th, 2007

Wacky Roadtrip

You’re probably wondering why I would go on a roadtrip memorial day weekend. I have no good answer for you. Then instead of leaving the city at 7 as planned I decided that we should go at 4. So yeah, we sat in traffic… then Chase started crying. Inconsolable, profoundly sad crying. This is the baby that never cries so she had me pretty worried. meanwhile, we got off of 95 somewhere in Delaware and made our way to 40 quite by accident. We stopped in at Bob Evans for dinner and it was just as sticky and sweet all over as I remember… and not in a good way. I think Chase was just over being in the car. After we all had a bite to eat she calmed down and was ready to nap the rest of the way home. I waxed nostalgic about Bob Evans most of the way home.

While in the city we went to the Italian market to hit Claudios. We picked up some cheeses and a hunk of something he referred to as torta familia that he foisted on me but that tasted so good I had to get it in spite of the fact it cost 12.99/lb. It’s like a ricotta cheesecake. He said it was flourless and made with lemon syrup but man is it ever good. I love the guys at that store. They could probably sell me just about anything.

Tomorrow will be equally busy but at least it’s all to be done in town.


I call the last one where it’s at from where it’s not… or a view of downtown from S. Philly.

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