Saturday, May 26th, 2007

How to Make a Pizza

…first drink a few glasses of sangria. Your thirsty and it’s hot outside. Then, at the insistent chanting of your friends and family attempt to toss the pizza dough instead of shaping it safely by hand. We gorged ourselves… who knows why. Wine, beer, apps, pizza, pasta… and ice cream for dessert. We’ll sleep like babies tonight. Think there’s a market out there for a 180 minute meal book? I would call it slow food but I think there’s already a movement out there using that. Not much to report today. We did a lot of running around but nothing too strenuous. Tomorrow it the big mem day bbq at Angie’s. I’ll have to get up tomorrow and work on the dips cause I didn’t do it tonight. I’m also thinking about bringing the kiddie pool for the tikes to splash around in. We’ll see, it just depends. I’m really looking forward to more outdoor photo opps tho so get ready.

Meanwhile, here are some snaps from tonight’s feastivities.  The recipes were from Jamie Oliver and Lydia.


I’ll have to post them later. I almost fell off my chair a minute ago so yeah, time for bed.

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