Monday, May 28th, 2007

I’m Reading the Instructions!

Well, watching them actually. I’m finally watching the video that came with the camera. It would be nice to actually know what the hell I’m doing with it. We actually took it easy today. I dropped Danielle off at the bus station early this afternoon and then went to Safeway aloooone. I went up and down every aisle and had a nice luxurious shopping trip.

Classes start tomorrow. This is so unfortunate for so many reasons but mostly because I have to get up and out of here by 845! I’m sleepy just thinking about it. I still don’t have time to get the recipes we tried over the weekend up but will ASAP. We did a roast chicken tonight. It was good, I went all out I even did gravy for the mashed potatoes.

Well, I’m off. I’m gonna upload some pics and the off to bed because Ben is threatening to go to bed early and I hate going after him cause he’s a snore-er.


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