Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

3 Dollar Chicken Revisited

But this time in a good way. So while I was at Safeway I bought a clearance chicken from the chicken bin. This kind of behavior is ok in my opinion and not nearly as bad as say buying panties from an underwear bin. Ok, chicken bin is clearly as exaggeration but they were trying to unload it because it was close to it’s sell by date. Since I had no plans for dinner I brought it home and roasted it. Did I post about this yesterday? Anyway, heres a quick recap… I stuffed the cavity with a quartered lemon and a bunch of fresh oregano, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. I covered the breast with several slices of bacon, trussed it, and threw it in the oven. Basically I was emptying the fridge and getting rid of leftovers. The oregano was leftover from the mushroom caps, I usually have lemons on hand, and the bacon was leftover from the last time I made carbonara. It was a great plan, except the meal generated its own leftovers.

Not to worry, fine cooking recently put out an issue on roasted chicken and what to do with the leftovers. Not that I don’t have an extensive repetoire of chicken leftover recipes but a girl can only eat so many burritos. The stirfry was nothing to write home about. Not bad but not that different from what I usually throw together on the fly. The rice, now that’s another story altogether. It was sooo good and I used lite coconut milk with no problems. It was really good and really didn’t call for much more effort than regular old rice but seemed so much more special. I think I used basmatti but I can’t promist that’s what it was since I had dumped the rice from it’s original package into a cambro.

We ate the leftovers from Saturday’s pasta for lunch. It was still pretty good but better fresh. I don’t think that fresh ricotta is meant to go in the microwave. I’m finally going to post the recipes up tonight and it only took like three days. Erin, I want to know how the chili turns out!

So, turning to a different topic… bad mommy didn’t notice today when Ms. Chase threw her pacifier and favorite toy out of her stroller! Usually when stuff just falls out I roll over it and pick it up but not this time. It was hours before I notice it was missing I only panicked a little but not to worry they are both safely at home again. I saw a pair of shoes today that I think I must have. I didn’t buy them while I thought over whether I needed them or not but I think I do. I actually saw two pairs but I think I could feel ok with just the one. I haaaate flip flops but these are so cool. I saw these too and I like them but am not in love with them like the other ones.

Classes started today… sigh. I sort of blocked out that I registered for cyberlaw “seminar.” I kept referring to it as just cyberlaw. So what you say? That means that I now have two papers to do this summer… ie in the next 6 weeks. Sweet.

Oh, and Chelsea is a mommy again!

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