Friday, June 1st, 2007

Communication Breakdown

Not once, but twice today I’ve had trouble getting my point across to an individual.  First, at Saturn, the car triage guy is like so that’s going to be 85.65 to diagnose the dash lights… and then goes on to explain how they already know what’s causing the dash lights to come on.  So I say, so you don’t really need to charge me anything to diagnose it then.  His response?  I didn’t say that I never said anything about diagnosing the dash lights.  So I repeat verbatim what he has said just two minutes earlier and he’s like yeah, uh,  I didn’t mean to say that… what I meant to say was.  I trust this dude about as far as I can throw him.  That wasn’t the only time he stumbled over his words this morning and I was the one who hadn’t had coffee yet.

Which leads me to my next incident.  We pull into the Starbucks drivethru… the autmaton in the box asks what we would like.  To keep it simple we both order the same things, grande sweetened iced coffees with cream.  So that’s two grande iced coffees with cream? she says.  Ben says yes, but sweetened.  We drive around she opens the window and hands us two cups as she says two grande iced coffees.  So I tell Ben to hurry and give me my straw before she returns our credit card and sure enough… not sweetened.  I had half a mind to throw the coffee back in her face, but it wasn’t even hot so it was kind of pointless besides, I needed to drink the precious nectar for it to be truly effective.

So the credit card… or check card to be more precise.  Ben’s was declined last night but I didn’t think anything of it because they were set to expire.  So I call the bank today.  The lady tells me they’ve been canceled because of suspected fraudulent activity.  Apparently someone has been trying to process charges for something in Japan.  So now I have to monitor the account.

An otherwise unremarkable day was saved by meeting the girls this evening at Cosi.  Let’s see what the weekend has in store.

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