Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Peas Porridge Hot

Today we tried peas.  I’m looking at the army green sludge in the container and thinking she will never go for this after delicious peaches and sweet potatoes so good I could eat them.  But lo and behold the peas are her fav.  I still can’t believe it.  She didn’t waste a smidgen of precious delicious pea goodness.  You’re only supposed to need like 300 extra calories a day while nursing but I’ll tell ya I never really came down off the your pregnant eat whatever you want thing.  Happily the pounds came off but honestly, I’m sneaking tastes of baby food and we had steak for dinner and there was no chance of getting a pic because I wolfed it down.  The dogs were watching me not because they were begging, I seriously think they were impressed.

Not much else happened today, but I had class and our babysitter came.  I was gone for two hours and I freaked out a little but  it wasn’t too bad overall.  Chase seemed to really like her and seemed happy when I got home.  After all, Ben is here so I guess that  makes me feel pretty good about the whole arrangement.

So let me tell you why message boards are lame.  Sarah, your post about online classes got me thinking.  There are two message boards I visit.  One is about cooking, the other babies.  I registered at both sites so I can post but I never do.  Why?  Because I don’t have anything to say.  I also don’t post because I read what other people write and think to myself.. are they just posting to post or do they really want a response to that (which is what I was trying to explain wanting to avoid in my last sentence)?  It just all comes across as very fake but people get way wrapped up in it.  Somehow I lack the gene that controls message boarding.  I’m just not meant to be  a member of either of those two online communities even though there have been times with respect to both boards that I’ve really wanted to get involved.  It’s just not in the cards I spose.


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