Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

What a Long Frickin Day

I felt good up until like 20 minutes ago. At any rate, earlier I saw something hilarious. I saw a commercial that urged viewers to call if they had suffered a heart attack or death as a result of using a prescription med…. uh…ok. In other news, I also saw a woman’s skirt get blown up by the wind. I’m adding that to the same file where I keep the memory of seeing a guy slip on a banana peel. If I were playing once in a lifetime event bingo my bingo dabber would be almost dry. Hopefully this means I’ll only witness someone getting hit by lightning as opposed to getting hit myself. Wait though, it seems wrong to wish that. Let’s say I hope I don’t get hit by lightning and never witness such an event either and call it even.

So it’s 10. I still have to review my reading for tomorrow because I’m supposed to lead a class discussion in the afternoon AND I’m on deck to talk about a case in my other class too. I have a headache just thinking about it but luckily I don’t think it’s supposed to be very intense and there are only like 10 people in the class.

I tried the Moby today. I really liked it. It’s a lot more comfortable than the baby bjorn ever was but it’s just a really long piece of fabric with a special method to tie it. Anyway, no loss to me because it was F-R-E-E! I think I’ll get a lot of use out of it if for no other reason than now I can just leave the ring sling at work.

Some dude on the street today told me I look like Sade. I started to say, you should see my sister! But thought better of making small talk with an arguably indigent man on the street. So I kept walking.

Oh! We got new neighbors… or are getting. Apparently that lady closed on her house on Monday. A big ole moving truck pulled up this morning but as of yet we haven’t seen any actual people. I had Ben peep on the movers. I asked him what kind of furniture they had and he described it as “old.” Old I said… old like ours or like antique. He specified antique. My prediction? The older couple from Georgia that came to look at the house. I think they had a middle school aged son as I recall it. We’ll see though.

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