Thursday, June 7th, 2007

There’s Such a Thing as Good Grief, Just Ask Charlie Brown

It’s a bird it’s a plane! No, sillies it’s not Super Grover but still, you wouldn’t believe what I saw today! I’m in the backyard with Chase minding my own business (our own business?) when I finally key into the fact that I’ve been hearing this buzzing sound. I look around and see flying over the fence… the Goodyear Blimp! Ok, not that exciting but still it was a curious blip in an otherwise uneventful day.

I was up at bat in both of my classes. That is to say, that I had cases assigned to go over both in my morning class and my afternoon class. The case I had this morning was easy… too much testosterone + amateur sports = tort liability for assault and battery. The catch was.. I had to get up and physically demonstrate how the battery went down. Whatever, it was fine. The next case? Another cute girl… this time wearing a glorified wife beater (not your bf’s tank and small enough to fit a tiny girl) and a tiny jean skirt. I don’t usually like to blog about school but this was too funny. This role playing went on for what seemed like hours and was followed by… you guessed it yet another case acted out by a cute girl. Very suspicious don’t you think? I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt as he ended the class with a guy acting out a case but still.

In my afternoon class, I led a discussion about personal jurisdiction in the internet age. My job was to help the class explore what constitutes minimum contacts such that you could be subject to litigation in some other state for something that happened on the internet… blah blah blah. I had forgotten how exhilerating it feels to have all those eyes on you. I think the guy beside me was taking notes… which was fine because I had actually prepared. I know, shocking! Somehow over the course of the discussion gun racks came up. Oh, I remember it came up during a discussion about a case where Connecticut entered into an agreement with Virginia to have them house their surplus of inmates. The warden down there evidently had some confederate memorabilia which in a stream of consciousness type string of jokes led to talk about gun racks etc. But all of that is not important. The funny part is that the guy sitting two seats down sort of under his breath interjects “an entire rack…” which I immediately picked up on. I didn’t have time to confirm but come on..

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