Friday, June 8th, 2007

Any Title Ideas?

So today was a lot busier than I foresaw. I ended up going into work at the last minute and then spending an hour and forty five minutes in traffic on the way back. Let’s see, new on Chase’s list… abusing plants. She has a new thing with her hands… she is constantly after something… scritch scritch scritch. Today she reached for a toy I was holding while Ben had her on his lap. That was kind of cool. Her reach was accompanied by a squawk, presumable a) to get my attention and b) to let me know she wanted what I had. I’ve never seen her do that before. I have her mashed avocado thinned with a little milk tonight. She gobble it up and loved every bite of it!

I’ve been working on the sewing project I alluded to when I bought the new machine. Ha! I bet you thought I’d forgotten. I don’t have much time to get to it but I work on it whenever I have a minute. I’m almost done with the top. It just needs button and a hem. I should have taken the back too. It’s just a half back… to go with the halter front with a stretchy elastic top to keep it in place. So far so good.


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