Monday, June 11th, 2007

A Milestone!

So baby girl sat up today for the first time. And no, she wasn’t fully reclined but close enough! This has been a busy last couple of days starting at the other side of the weekend. We visited with friends, watched movies, and generally disregarded our chores. Chores schmores I say.

Tomorrow is Tuesday that means Abby M. is coming! I am so anxious. You wouldn’t think it but I’m nervous. We can’t wait to meet her… or at least see a picture.

I’m so very sleepy. I kept saying I would catch up once the weekend was over but I just can’t seem to. I have class tomorrow and haven’t even attempted to look at the readings. I might not go in the morning. Maybe I should send an email now… no, no I’d better go because apparently there’s an exam on Thursday. An exam you say? After two weeks you ask? Yup… because these crazy summer classes only run 6 weeks so this week is actually the mid point. I’d better get right on that 25 page paper.

How do people do this and not go insane?


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