Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Life Is a Bowl of Cherries

This week anyway since they’re on sale for $1.99/lb. They are ripe and sweet like you wouldn’t believe! Raisins aren’t nature’s candy anymore! You won’t believe it but I finished my first project AND learned a few things along the way. I managed to pull it together in just a few stolen moments here and there and it feels really good to be done… that is with the button sewn on and everything.

I tried a new recipe tonight. I have the freezer loaded up with tilapia fillets to make up for all the steak we like to eat. I don’t know if I’ve ever prepared tilapia myself before but we had some in the freezer form let’s dish and I remembered liking it and thought we’d try it again. I used a super simple recipe almost a non-recipe it was so easy and it turned into a great and really flavorful 30 minute meal. I should add that I didn’t really follow the recipe exactly because I only made 2 fillets and the recipe is written for 6. The amounts for the butter and such were too small to scale back so I just did it by eye. The only substitution to the ingredients I made was to use fresh parsley instead of basil. Hmm, methinks I didn’t follow the recipe at all but it certainly was good! I will definitely be making this again.

I had a meeting yesterday that I so badly want to blog about but at the risk of ending my professional career before it ever begins I shall remain silent on the matter and tell you in person if I remember when I see you. It was good stuff though.

Apparently the summer session is half over and it just frickin’ started! I now have only 3 weeks to research and write my 25 page paper. Happiness! Oh, did I mention it’s hard to get a baby to pose for pics that show off a top? I did my best.

Did I tell you? Maybe you saw? Abby is here and what a little sweetie she is. We can’t wait to meet her!


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