Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Bumbo Bimbo

That’s our girl.  Smiling and cooing at everyone from her little purple perch.  We decided to bring the Bumbo out to dinner because the infant seat is just way too heavy with Chase sitting in it.  It worked phenomenally well.  She could sit up at the table just like the grownups and eat her peas and she loved every minute of it.  Not to mention the best part, which was that she could see all the old ladies and wow them with her smile.  I was trying to hold out for dinner on Friday night and I almost made it!  I was good all week but when I got home and the meat hadn’t finished defrosting, I threw in the towel.  Dinner was good but not the best it’s ever been at Donna’s.  I always fall for the specials and they are so hit or miss.

So you know how I’m always agonizing over my decision to transfer to UB.  Well, with every passing semester I doubt myself less.  I say this because I’ve had all of these adjunct profs who graduated from UB and who are doing really well for themselves now and then they bring in guest speakers… you guessed it, other grads who are doing really well for themselves and they laugh and talk and carry on.  It’s pretty clear to me now that if you can plan to live and work in Maryland then a degree from UB will be just fine because that’s where everyone else went.  On to the next problem which is that these are almost all men.  For example, the sports law class that I’m taking.. mostly men and they just carry on and on about all kinds of obscure things.  At some point I just tune out because they get so far down into the nitty gritty that it’s way over my head and it’s not like I don’t know anything.  So I get mad, these dudes never stop talking blah blah blah.  But I calm down and I realize well, you just have to beat them at their game, be more attentive to the reading, read the paper, etc. etc.  Then the question becomes do I have time for that?  And therein lies the problem… the age old problem of work or family?  I could do all of those things but at the expense of what?  So I defer and the men continue to dominate it makes me so mad.  Everyone should have twins first go round so each parent has a baby to care for.

Enough about that though.  I rant on and on and now my chai is cold… fabulous.  TGIF right?

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