Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Have Mug Will Travel

First my husband likens me to crazy ass Larry David THEN I come home today and put down my new bag and he gets me again. I had just returned form picking up his fathers’ day gift and slipped it, wrapped in paper into my bag. He actually thought that I was carrying around the purse stuffed with the paper from the store! Just to look fashionable or something. I couldn’t believe that he would actually think I would do something like that. We broke down and gave Daddy his gift tonight. Mostly because he guessed what it was. He has this uncanny knack of being able to look at anything and tell just exactly what is inside the package.

We got carry out from Tamber’s tonight. Fried chicken and mac n’ cheese and it was actually good. It had been recommended to me but you know you can never really trust recommendations from people that you don’t really know. Who knows what their idea of good is. Luckily we were pleasantly surprised when we opened the containers to find full half chickens cut down and fried to perfect golden delicious goodness and perfectly seasoned to boot.


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