Saturday, June 16th, 2007

More Rolls Than a Bakery

They were too much not to share so I took a few quick pictures of my baby’s belly. We hit the mall together ’cause it’s Friday and because Chase has outgrown the last round of clothes. The mall is a wonderful wonderful place. I stopped short of buying shoes but I really, really wanted to. I did however buy a bag because when I don’t have Chase with me I don’t have anything to throw my wallet into other than one of my old giant sacks.

I’ve been watching Curb Your Enthusiasn and it’s hilarious. Ben says I remind him of Larry David. I didn’t see it but now I think he might sadly be onto something. I picked up a copy of Blueprint magazine while I was waiting in line at Barnes and Noble. It’s supposed to be a chic guide for living. All I’m saying is you can call a single mattress and boxspring a “daybed” but it’s still just a mattress and boxspring on the floor. Not only that but the first time I saw Martha trot out that idea she at least put feet on the thing.

Dude, I’m tired I’ll have to finish this tomorrow.

spoils.jpgpurse.jpg rolls.jpgrolls2.jpgrolls3.jpg

Ok, back to finish off from yesterday. The point of posting pictures of my spoils was that I realize that I just refuse to pay full retail for clothes. I can’t think of a time where I’ve seen something in the store that I wanted so bad that I wanted to pay full price. With one exception of course and that’s for shoes. I will happily pay full retail for shoes. That’s only because I have come to learn that I just don’t need that many pairs of shoes. I’m happy with a few pairs of really high quality kicks. So I bought a bunch of clothes for her, the bag, and a couple of shirts and spent less than 100 bucks. Partly because Gymboree was having one of those sales where you scratch off your coupon to find out how much you won in additional savings and at Macy’s you get an extra 20% off when you use your card even on sale or clearance items.

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