Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Mmmm… Extra Banana

So here I am trying to post before midnight hoping that I have a chance of getting something coherent out. I tried a couple of recipes tonight because I hadn’t the foggiest what to serve my man for dinner. I was going to do these black bean burritos from fine cooking but they morphed into something not anything like the original recipe so I can’t post it. Aside from the fact that they were burritos with black beans there wasn’t much of anything similar… well that’s not entirely true. I guess I followed the recipe in the sense that I stirred a half cup of cheddar into the bean mixture and added a handful of fresh baby spinach before rolling. Of course at the point where I used chipotle tabasco sauce instead of mincing a whole chipotle in adobo, omitted the pepitas, added shrimp, sliced avocado, leftover rice and then forgot to add the salsa I was pretty far off track.

On the other hand, the banana bread that’s baking now is much closer to the original recipe… except I was one banana short dammit! I mean but I figure what’s the big deal? What if I had really big bananas or small ones? So I made it anyway I just added a dollop of sour cream to make a little extra banana and it looks and smells hella good. Maybe I can post the recipe for that one since it wasn’t adulterated beyond recognition?? The smell is enough to drive you mad I tell you.

Oooh, ooh the closer was all new this week. We started to watch it last night but it just got way too late so we’ll have to finish it tonight. It has me totally sucked in though. I love that show. Oh and I decided that we will tackle the bedroom first rather than the living room. Remember that old conundrum? We finally settled on furniture and it’s a comin! Can’t wait. We upgraded to a king sized bed. I say it’s because we need more room for Chase but the truth is the only person who is a worse bed hog than my daughter is my husband! He’ll never admit to it but it’s true.

I can’t believe how big my little girl is getting. I took this today… it’s a cool picture but sadly the moby is lurking in the background.


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