Friday, June 22nd, 2007

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Ain’t that the truth! The weather today was fabulous. I managed to get my begonias in… in less than a week since I bought them AND before they died! I can hardly believe it myself. Now, to keep them watered. I bought one of those coiled hoses so it’s easier to take care of in the front of the house. Let’s see what else… Chase got some new toys today and we ran some other errands. I bought her a little piano and she smiles and plays and rocks to the side like Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder. It’s so cute. I took her to Petsmart to look at the fish and she seemed to really like that but no more pets are coming in here.

I did a little more playing with photoshop and am having a good time futzing around with my photos. I uploaded some and will finally get some prints tomorrow. I took some pictures tonight. We had dinner with Dave, Angie, and Elsa at Rocky Run. It was great and I think that they might be under new management because the waitstaff was unusually attentive. I had a delicious Krabby Patty. It was so nice that we sat out on the sidewalk and it was great to see all the other families and kiddoes out there. Everyone was so happy and friendly that little St. Paul street corridor is really picking up steam. If they put the trolley in like they’re talking about it will be pretty cool. Our sitter passed by us while we were out so we went by Coldstone to visit her and to get a cone.

More tomorrow here are some pics for now.

piano.jpgstevie-style.jpg saucer.jpgsaucer2.jpgdads2.jpg

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