Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Just Like the Infomercial

We did a lot today. Ran errands that didn’t get taken care of yesterday, hit the farmer’s market, did a little cleaning… you get the picture. First stop was the farmer’s market. It’s like a smörgåsbord of babies. The place is just crawling with them you wouldn’t believe it. Anyway, we picked up a couple of things. For dinner tomorrow: breakfast! Blueberry pancakes and bacon.. both made locally. I can hardly wait I can already taste it. I would have made it tonight but it didn’t seem right for Sunday dinner but I can’t get into that yet I’ll come back to it later. I bought the last of the plants I need to finish the planter in front and maybe next week we’ll do some hanging baskets for the porch. Some of our neighbors have them up and they look nice.

From the market we were off to Costco. Ben finally broke down and bought some new stuff. Thankfully! We knew the tab was going to be bad so we kinda just bought everything we had been needing and passing up on earlier visits. Hopefully getting it done in one fell swoop will keep the slow leak at bay for a little while at least. So he got some clothes and we got the foodsaver we’ve been coveting forever. You can store a steak in the freezer for 3 years! Why would you want to do that? I dunno, I told you my theory about me, my grandmother, hoarding, and the war right? I got a bunch of my pictures printed. I wasn’t convinced that the stuff I did in photoshop would look as good printed as it does on the screen but it totally does. They look just like normal pictures I’m so happy with the way they turned out. I got a picture of Chase blown up to 12×18 and it’s pretty cool… now to find frames but more importantly, get the up on the walls. Did you know that Costco seels discount magazines? Yeah they do! Right now they have a package deal of Fine Cooking magazine (my fav.) You get an their current compilation of Quick and Delicious plus a back issue for 7 bucks. I snagged it and tried a recipe tonight. It’s already proven itself to have been a worthy investment.

At home, we cleaned up the kitchen! I can hardly believe it. I mean a deep cleaning.. spring cleaning if you will. Ben even resealed the granite. Of course we played with our new toy and took some pics. I planted the stuff we bought, made dinner, wrestled my baby to sleep and now I’m looking for the drivers’ license that’s lost in here somewhere. I haven’t seen it for two weeks. I thought it would resurface but now I’m starting to worry. I couldn’t buy beer last time I went for it! Unacceptable but awesome that even toting the babe i still get carded.

So for dinner I tried a recipe for Broiled Tomatoes with Feta and Herbed Couscous and grilled summer squash to accompany some marinated grilled flank steak. I didn’t use a recipe for the steak just threw together a marinade of soy sauce and fresh ginger, a little rice wine vinegar, garlic salt (cause it was going on the ‘cue) salt, pepper, and a smidge of honey. The grilled squash was good but the tomatoes OH, the tomatoes. I was almost as happy biting into them as I was of taking that first delicious sip of iced coffee this morning that I had to wait forever for (I was so weak by the time we got to the drive thru :) ). They were so dead easy I just never would have thought to try this. Of course I can’t find the recipe already posted anywhere online but no matter you don’t even need one. You just cut out the little core and slice the tomato in half horizontally. Drizzle with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. This is the hardest part: finely chop a clove of garlic and a small amount of fresh herbs. I used the leaves from one sprig of oregano. Top each half with the garlic and herbs and then drop on some crumbled feta. I had goat cheese so I smooshed on a pat of that. Then you just throw it on the grill til it’s heated through and the cheese has melted. I have never tasted anything like it. Maybe it’s because we’re so lucky as to be in this awesome mid-atlantic climate and already have tomatoes in season but seriously this is going to be a staple in this house from here on out. Anything that tastes this good and doesn’t require a recipe goes right into rotation.

Geez, this is getting long! Don’t worry only a few more things. See, this is what happens when I don’t post for a day… verbal diarrhea. Anyway, last night I did fish tacos. I cut the tilapia filets into strips, seasoned them up a little tex mex style with cumin and chili powder and threw em under the broiler. While they cooked I whipped up some quick guac and toasted the corn tortillas on the stove. To assemble I just layered in the fish with some fresh baby spinach leaves (still sneaking in the veg!) topped with the guac and a sprinkle of feta. They were really good. Ben went on about how they were delicious (cause he’s awesome) and how do I come up with ideas for dinner. I told him the truth. He was busy working last night and it was particularly hard to get Chase down and I was tired and it was late… and on and on and on. Decisions about dinner come from how set against ordering out I am, how tired I am, how little time I have to invest in cooking, and lastly, what’s available. We had gone out to eat the night before and even though I was ass tired I had already defrosted the fish… voila! Fish tacos are born. Broiling takes no time and neither does heating tortillas. I just didn’t want to invest time in cooking rice or the like. This was a perfect less than 30 minute meal and you couldn’t tell at all.

So about the sleeping. We’re entering a new sleep phase apparently. Nursing doesn’t cut it anymore. So we’re learning how to sleep from scratch that is Chase is learning how to do what we do everyday by getting in bed and lying there. We’re not doing anything fancy no sleep training or anything. I nurse her, put her down, she lies there playing, eventually she cries, we comfort her, she fights sleep, eventually one of us picks her up, she settles down, we put her back down awake, she snuggled in and sucks her paci and eventually drifts off. This is how it’s gone for the last couple of days. I’m not to worried about it. I don’t have the time or energy to freak out and read up on it so I’m just going to play it by ear. I figure so long as she’s going down still awake I don’t feel so bad abut picking her up. The only thing I’m dead set against is spending hours up there rocking and comforting her. A) I know she doesn’t nee it B) I’m too frickin tired! I need someone to rock me for hours! On a positive note, the 4am feeding it out! She’s sleeping straight through til almost 7 and then again with us until almost 9 so we are VERY happy.

Alright, that’s it. Now to get my pictures uploaded, finish my reading, and off to bed!


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