Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Murphy Rides Again

My grandparents gave me Murphy when I was little, really little.  I can’t remember a time before Murphy.  He’s been with my through thick and thin.  He’s had a few different outfits fashioned by me over the years but the one pictured here is the original.  I have officially passed the torch.  I was sort of back and forth about whether to pass him on or to just keep him in a box somewhere but that just didn’t seem fair.  I say he has many years of comfort left in his fuzzy little body.

The afghan was a gift from out old lady neighbor at our last place.  She has since moved away too but mailed it to us when she heard we’d had a baby.  Chase loves to snuggle it.  My goal is to have it printed and to send it on to her.  Chase is a lucky baby, she has no shortage of cozy afghans to choose from.

We got a call today saying that they want to deliver our furniture on FRIDAY.  I haven’t even started shopping for a mattress yet let alone bought one.  Nor have we even taped the room for painting.  4 to 6 weeks they said… this is awesome and sucks at the same time!  I guess I’ll try to find a mattress tonight.  They only stock queens in the store there so that won’t work.  If I order from Costco online the mattress will probably take  months to arrive while the bed came right away.  I’m thinking I should just go do mattress discounters or something… maybe the bedding barn :)

I made the blueberry pancakes tonight and the bacon that we got from ole pioneer kitchens.  Dang!  That’s all I can say.  That was some good bacon.  I did it in the oven so it stayed flat and got all crispy.  I ate three pieces but I could have eaten three more.  I restrained myself because I have coffee ice cream for later.  If I was more adventurous I’d do some iron chef moves and make myself some bacon ice cream.

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