Friday, June 29th, 2007

The Little Lady That Cried Wolf

I know I’ve made this claim a hundred times.. but today was the longest most stressful day ever! I almost totally lost it at work. We’re moving the office and this is our last day in there so stuff really had to get done. Thankfully it’s all done. Now I have an equal amount of work to do at home. On a positive note our furniture came today! I am so very very pleased with it. It’s awesome. We are mostly done with the painting. I have to do some more trim work tomorrow but nothing big. Maybe another hour or two. I have a few preliminary pictures but hopefully I can get something better when it’s all together.

We went through all our clothes in preparation for the switch and weeded out four bags of stuff we didn’t want anymore. In spite of all that weeding I still inexplicably have a whole crapload of laundry to do. Well off to put on a load of laundry and to his the sack. There’s plenty more work to be done manana.


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