Sunday, July 1st, 2007

One of Those Nights..

that I spend sitting at my computer pretending that I have nothing to do and hoping desperately that someone comes online to distract me.  I NEED distraction.  I’ve already cruised through all of my bookmarks.. so here I am.  I have written three paragraphs of my 25 page paper the draft of which is due on Thursday.  I’m awesome!  Best procrastinator ever.  Honestly, I don’t know how to do it any other way.

Meanwhile, you would not believe how many loads of washing have been through that little machine today.  I should probably give it a rest but I hadn’t really thought about it until just now.   We did some running around today to pick up supplies and some stuff for the room.  We’ll still have to make a run to Ikea for a few things but I think we have most of it covered.  I picked up Super Foods for Babies from Barnes and Noble.  I had some nice blueberries from the farmers market and thought I might try my hand at making baby food for Chase.  It’s not like I don’t have the equipment so why not give it a go.  I did them up with some peaches and put it through a sieve.  I have them setting up in ice cube trays now and then I guess I’ll dump em out into a ziplock.  It looks good but you know it has to pass the real test…
I’ve been loving Starbucks’ orange passion iced tea.  All of a sudden it hits me and I run to the cupboard and it’s still there!  A box of Starbucks iced tea bags.  I rifle through them and sure enough there are four bags marked passion so I brew them up.  I don’t have orange syrup so I improvise and squeeze an orange into the mix and sweeten it with regular sugar.  Voila!  It tastes JUST like the real thing and I am so happy I drink ALL of it.  We had chicken for dinner.  I had all of like 20 minutes to get it prepped and roasting.  I take it out of it’s cryovac wrap stuff and get it butchered up in like 3 minutes flat.  I have never had my way with a chicken like that.  It looks great all cut up into neat little pieces.  I slap it on the pan, quick with the evoo, salt, and pepper.  I reach for the paprika and start to sprinkle before I realize that it’s not paprika but rather cinnamon.  Mmm.. cinnamon chicken.  I suppose I could have rinsed them and started again but no time!  So i push on.  The house smells like roast chicken and cookies.  It was fine in spite of the strong cinnamon aroma.  it actually tasted good and added some dimension to the seasoning.  I don’t however think it necessary to duplicate my mistake on a regular basis though.

I also used the frozen peaches to do a cobbler from the July issue of Fine Cooking.  The biscuits were good but I’ll wait for ripened summer fruit before trying this again.  I also whipped up some chicken salad a la starbucks because theirs is so good.  I know, I know you wouldn’t think it but it’s so good with the craisins and the tarragon.  We’ll see if I can duplicate it.  They serve it on multigrain.. I’ll have to come up with an appropriate vessel some time before lunch tomorrow.

Busy busy… until tomorrow.

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