Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Campbell, You Learned to Say I Look Pretty in Cantonese!

It’s about that time of the semester when things start to get hairy and I start to feel like I want to watch Wayne’s World in my soy bamboo pyjamas while eating coffee ice cream in bed. But I won’t, I’ll persevere! I finished one task today and even though I am still agonizing over it’s quality I think it’s time to just let it go. This is what I do. I worry and worry myself into a frenzy to the point where I am paralyzed by indecision. Then someone talks me down and I actually start writing. Once I’ve written something then I can start worrying about how bad it is and wait for the impending bad feedback. 9 times out of 10 the feedback I get is not bad. So why worry? I don’t know, it’s some ridiculous dysfunction that I picked up along the way.

Ben’s parents are here for a visit. They treated us to Dinner at… you guessed it Donna’s!  Zang!  I know, I know we go there ALL the time but dang! The food is so good. You know the food is good because there’s no salt or pepper on the table and no one ever notices. We went for the works appetizers, dessert, the whole deal and it was all delicious. I especially liked the calamari.. gently breaded and fried but tender tender tender and tasty! As a bonus it was 10 dollar pasta night! I had the house ravioli stuffed with cheese and roasted veg. Dessert was tiramisu. Everyone else’s stuff looked good too but frankly I was too rapped up in dying over my own plate.

I’ve been researching my paper topic on Westlaw. My topic is about property rights in virtual stuff in particular as it relates to users of Second Life. I’ll bet you didn’t know that if you search “Second Life”on Westlaw you come up with all kinds of crazy nonsense in your results. Like people facing second life sentences… nice!

I have a picture for you! It’s Chase eating blueberries yesterday.


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